Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer Label (HT Label) is widely used in the garment industry for products such as clothes, shoes, bags, hats or backpacks,…

Heat Transfer Label is made from base PET film with a layer of inks and glue printed on top of it, when applied heat press will release the layer of glue and ink to the surface of the fabric. The quality of the release agent on PET film will determine the performance of the transfer heating process.


Các loại nguyên liệu nhãn chuyển nhiệt:
– PET Glossy
– PET Semi-Matt
– PET Transparent Reflective
– PET Silver Reflective
– Special Material

Additionally, factors such as thickness (50, 75, 100 microns), hot/cold peel should also be considered depending on the type of product to be heat transferred.



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